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"This half-demon race is believed to be a distant cousin of the mighty SKULLLIZARDS and are speculated to still share the home planet.
Rarely seen in our parts of the galaxy, these demon creatures are an enigma even to their planetary co-inhabitants."

3 3/4" action figure of our original character The BLOODLIZARD.
Completely hand sculpted original from which we made silicone molds to copy the figure.
Made from 7 separate parts of red and brown pigmented resin.
Body parts are connected together with magnets which makes it possible to interchange parts with our other toys,

• 3 3/4" Resin toy action figure collectible
• 5 points of magnetic articulation
• Made from 7 parts of Red and Brown pigmented resin
• Handpainted details
• Parts interchangeable with our other magnetically articulated toys