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Inhabiting a small shed in the deep woods, the Manslother, preys on hikers, hunters and other humans that wander close enough to his place of residence. Struggling to understand and being fascinated with the human race, this creature tries to imitate and look alike the people he hunts down. Otherwise a devoted vegan, Manslother doesn’t consider humans meat. He uses the shed as a place to cure victims’ meat as well as for making and collecting of masks and clothes made from peeled off human skin.

3 3/4" action figure of our original character MANSLOTHER, a human-slaughtering sloth.
Hand sculpted original from which we made silicone molds to copy the figure.
We bootleged only the sloth's animal face.
Made from 9 separate parts of silver and pale skin pigmented resin with painted details.
Body parts are connected together with magnets which makes it possible to also interchange parts with our other toys,

• 3 3/4" Resin toy, action figure collectible
• 2 heads (mask on and off face)
• 5 points of magnetic articulation
• Accessory: a blood stained meat Cleaver
• Comes in a resealable blister on a cardback
• Made from 9 parts of silver and pale skin pigmented resin
• Handpainted details
• Parts interchangeable with our other magnetically articulated toys